Development Needs

Development division needs

Development needs and proposals for identification

Jana conduct Grama Niladhari level to identify development needs and proposed projects in the rural development programs on the needs of the people polled.

The Jana Yakkalamulla Regional Coordinating Committee Chairperson's chief rural representatives, public officials and community leaders at all levels of participation, including rural Prophet DS.

Communication facilities

The division within the optimum level of communication facilities available. Internet facilities are minimal, but the higher. Under this project because naænasala 03 centers should be established.

Urban Development

Yakkalamulla Divisional Secretariat Division in the Vice Nakiyadeniya Yakkalamulla and towns. The city is irregular and must implement a plan for public convenience and cities.

Environmental issues

Reduction in vegetation

Many environmental problems due to the lack of vegetation has origins forest for the wood smugglers and illegal cultivation. The strict rules for those who are aware of the area and the destruction must be carried out.

Putting up unauthorized sand

This division paeālaataumaeādara River flowing studios ground water level in the river bank erosion and putting up illegal sand will drop. The strict rules for those who will lay out to educate residents and illegal sand must be carried out.

Pesticides and chemical fertilizers

More use of pesticides in environmental equilibrium has been causing baidaīyaāmaṭa. In this regard, farmers will need to be done to focus the use of traditional methods and compost.

Improvement of Tourism

And to attract domestic and foreign tourists, the area should be informed about the importance of tourism to the vaæḍapaiḷaibadaka division. Kottawa evergreen rain forest tourism should have a program with the key. Near the entrance to the city and highway Pinnaduwa Kottawa Rainforest located in Galle, but tourism must have basic infrastructure need.

Tea industry

Post-Harvest Technology

Basic tea and ungainly way the division, and are able to produce quality products on a proper caretaker minimum use of tea harvested and transported to post-harvest technology.

Land productivity

Lack of proper knowledge on land use and using more ḷauladaāyaī as taking on tea yields.