Name/Location Address Telephone
Post office, Yakkalamulla Yakkalamulla 091-2286052
Post Office Thalgampala Thalgampala 091-3901841/091-5625998
Post Office Nakiyadeniya Nakiyadeniya 091-2285057/091-5626071
Post Office Udumalagala Udumalagala 091-2237749
Post Office Ihala Walpala Ihala Walpala 091-2286046
Post Office Kosgahahena Nawala Koshahena Nawala 091-2237633
Post Office Thellabura Thellabura 091-2265059
Post Office Magedara Magedara 091-5629986
Post Office Karagoda Karagoda 091-3903218
Post Office Kottawagama Kottawagama 091-5625980/091-22860851

News & Events

Payment of Elders Allowance

Payment of Elders Allowance

The payment in respect of the elderly...

Divisional Coordination Committee Meeting

Divisional Coordination Committee Meeting

Cordination committee meeting on 09th of July...

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